Wasp.dev #2: Project update

The latest version of the GDD for Wasp has been shared with a few individuals and I am now in the process of small refinements and trimming it in anticipation of the next round of feedback. 

The previous round of feedback generated a lot of actionpoints that resulted in some major overhauls of the design. Several things were cut completely, some received major redesigns and I also ended up adding a few things – which made me quite nervous at the time for scope and production reasons, but have been taken into account for in the planning – which I am working on now.

There is only so far a design on paper can be pushed and I feel ready to bring the project out of it’s preproduction phase and start working on it in 2020. I am quite excited about this!

It is my hope that the next round of feedback will result in smaller iterations and clarifying certain things rather than larger revisions of the game, but only time will tell.

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