Wasp.dev #1: Intro

Hello and welcome! 

This is the first post in a series that will center around a project of mine that has the working title ”Wasp”. I have been working on this latest itteration of the project since April but the roots of the project goes further back than that, which is a topic I will cover in a later post. Right now I am deep in pre-production on the project writing various documents: A Game design document (GDD), a style-guide and working out the overall scope and planning for the project.  It is going okay with steady progress, even tough my time to dedicate to Wasp right now is somewhat limited.

Last month I shared the first complete GDD, Version 8.1, to a few trusted friends, also game developers, whom are now in the process of reading it through and providing critique and comments. Based on the feedback there will be additional work required but I hope to have the design-document done before the end of the year and go into production on the game in early 2020. 

These early posts will focus on the pre-production process and eventually move into the production side of the game. On that note, I think this is a good place to end this first post. Thanks for reading and I hope you will stick around!

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